Cross-Cloud Hybrid is Already Here

August 30, 2016

Issy Ben-Shaul

Yesterday at VMworld’s keynote presentation, VMware unveiled their new Cross-Cloud Architecture, which intends to further the concept of a unified hybrid cloud and give customers the flexibility and agility to execute workloads across various public clouds, while controlling and managing the workloads centrally.

We at Velostrata are excited by this news, as this direction strongly validates our vision and is complementary to our offering. 

In particular, we welcome the security, compliance and network transparency services offered by NSX, including support for micro segmentation and preserving IP addresses across clouds, enabling us to leverage our real-time workload streaming to move complex multi-tier apps across clouds without the need to alter the network configuration and addresses. This will enhance our support for cloud mobility in a simpler and more secure fashion to customers. 

Velostrata is already fully integrated with vCenter and VRA, so organizations can manage their cloud instances and mobility from existing management and orchestration tools, and we can readily support future advances in VMware’s hybrid cloud management services.

As customer IT environments become more heterogeneous and hybrid, the ability to move workloads across clouds quickly and simply becomes even more critical. There is considerable value in being able to choose the optimal target cloud for every workload based on cost, performance, resource availability, and functionality – this is the basic premise behind our vision for cloud workload mobility. 

And Velostrata is the only vendor that can move stateful workloads across clouds in minutes, with additional control and automation over where data resides. We can support the full hybrid cloud journey – whether a company wants to keep data in private cloud but gain the on-demand agility, scale and geo-diversity of public cloud, or migrate some applications fully to the cloud.  Today, we are giving organizations the advantage of a dynamic hybrid cloud to support their business objectives.

If you’d like to learn more about how Velostrata can help your organization achieve a dynamic hybrid cloud, contact us for a briefing, or you can view a short video demo of our cross cloud technology.