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Ready to go all-in on the cloud but need a solution that gets you there quickly with minimal complexity? With Velostrata you can test your workloads in advance and then have your enterprise workloads running in the cloud within minutes. All this while your data transfers seamlessly in the background and with virtually no unplanned downtime, waiting or risk.

And moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be a one-way trip with no return. With our cloud workload mobility, you safely rollback anytime if needed. Or move your workloads to another cloud with the flexibility to adapt your infrastructure whenever business requirements change.

Customers and Partners

Our Customer Experiences

While every cloud migration is unique, every Velostrata customer sees dramatic benefits. Here are examples from 5 different customers:

  • Reduced labor costs by 5 hours/server saving $2.8M
  • Got a migration 6 months behind schedule back on track in two weeks
  • Migrated mission critical apps that process $56B in annual payments in one weekend
  • Eliminated 5,000 hours of cutover downtime during a multi-year mass-migration
  • Tested/validated optimal instance type matrix without downtime or disruption of live systems

Cardinal Health on Velostrata

Velostrata Migration… by the Numbers

10x Faster

Shorten your cloud migration from weeks or months to days

Velostrata cloud migration solution starts workloads in just ten minutes

Your apps running in the cloud in 10 minutes or less

1000s of workloads

Scale your migration across your entire application landscape

50% Bandwidth

Significant savings in migration time and WAN bandwidth costs

“The migration of our applications to the Cloud was proving a considerable challenge. We needed something that was quicker, easily repeatable, created minimal system downtime and provided assurance to business users that all data would be migrated. Velostrata has proven to be that solution. ”

— Paul Tucker, Head of Data Centre Closure Project, Department for Education

“Velostrata is exactly what we needed. It provides us with the speed to move fast, the agility to be flexible, and the capabilities to minimize risk and complexity. Going from 20 VMs per week to 30 VMs per day was absolutely groundbreaking.”

— Global Energy Company

“We chose Velostrata because of its speed and simplicity, and believe the system will significantly reduce the labor required to support our migration efforts, especially when compared to other tools on the market.”

— Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

“We migrated servers to the cloud in about ten minutes. This was very quick and proves this is a fast approach, and I am absolutely convinced this is the correct approach for us moving forward.”

— UK Government Agency

“I was excited to see that we were able to very quickly move servers from on-premises to AWS, without any manipulation or conversion of the VMs and with excellent performance. With Velostrata, I have the flexibility to leverage the public cloud on-demand and I’m never locked-in.”

— Global Fabricator/Supplier

“Azure has so much capability out of the box that it’s fairly rare we need to work with third-party software,” he said. “This is something that has risen onto my radar because it is so strategically important to us. Velostrata’s solution is a perfect fit for larger enterprises embarking on datacentre modernisation projects.”

— Dan Scarfe, founder of Microsoft Azure partner, New Signature, UK

Accelerate your migration into the world’s top cloud providers

Whether you’re looking to do some-cloud, all-cloud, or multi-cloud, Velostrata gets you there with speed, scale, simplicity and safety.

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