Move enterprise workloads to the public cloud in minutes.
Yes, seriously.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Velostrata takes a unique approach to cloud migration, providing enterprises a better way to get their production workloads operational in the public cloud.

Full Migration of a Multi-Tier Application from VMware to Azure

Watch Velostrata start a large, multi-tier app in Microsoft Azure within minutes, while 750+ Gb of attached disks transfer quietly in parallel.

How SanDisk Consolidated Their Datacenters into the Cloud

SanDisk relies on Velostrata to distribute compute power across their global offices without adding on-prem hardware or additional staff.

We Understand Cloud Migration Challenges

We get it. If you’ve tried migrating workloads using traditional, agent-based methods, you know that they can be slow, complex, and risky.

Velostrata software enables accelerated cloud migration and workload mobility with speed, scale, simplicity, and safety. Unlike replication-based approaches, Velostrata’s agentless platform moves applications to the cloud in minutes. The software is easy to deploy and manage, and can significantly reduce the risks associated with migration.

Velostrata’s solution is unique in four key ways:


Real-time streaming means stateful workloads boot and are operational in cloud in minutes (100x faster then replication)


WAN optimizations like dedupe and caching can move 100 VMs per hour, while data is moved if/when needed. Runbook automation eases migration for multi-tier apps


Agentless technology that automatically adapts workloads for cloud target, and integrates with existing management tools


Test before you migrate without taking production workloads offline, and instant rollback ensures you can avoid cloud lock-in

Velostrata is your answer to cloud migration challenges:

Accelerated Cloud Migration

Ready to go all-in on the cloud, but all you’re missing is a solution that lets you test and migrate easily, with the option to rollback if needed? Velostrata gets enterprise workloads running in the cloud within minutes while data transfers quietly in the background. With virtually no downtime, wait time, or risk, Velostrata is your rocket to the cloud.

And moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be a one-way trip. With Velostrata’s cloud workload mobility, you gain a safety net to return workloads on-premises or move them to another cloud, giving you the flexibility to adapt your infrastructure when business requirements change.

Accelerating your migration into the world’s two largest cloud providers:

AWS & Velostrata

 Azure & Velostrata

Whether you’re looking to do some cloud or only cloud, Velostrata gets you there with speed, scale, simplicity and safety.

How it Works

    1. Decouples compute from storage.


    1. Agentless streaming technology begins workloads in cloud within minutes.


    1. Transfer data over WAN-optimized channel into cloud storage


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Why Velostrata?

Our cloud workload mobility software takes advantage of pioneering, patent-pending technologies that make your cloud journey fast, efficient, affordable, and successful.

Save Time

  • Planning, testing take place in parallel
  • Workloads begin running in cloud within minutes- giving back countless hours to IT
  • Get your workloads in the cloud 100x faster than replication-based solutions
  • Migrate up to 200 VMs in parallel

Save Money

  • Reduce need to pay for dual infrastructure during migration
  • Faster migration means fewer man-hours
  • Reduce on-prem footprint by offloading to cloud
  • Avoid costly hardware purchases (GPUs, etc.) that you can rent in the cloud

Improve Agility

  • Move enterprise workloads to the cloud on-demand, or automate migration with our runbook tools
  • Move workloads back on-premises or to another cloud in a matter of minutes
  • Rent compute any time you need it, and avoid costly on-prem over-provisioning

Reduce Risk

  • Easily test for performance, cost directly in cloud without taking production applications offline
  • Move apps to cloud without data loss
  • Avoid complicated data synchronization
  • Return any workload on-prem with just a few clicks.

May 23, 2017

US Healthcare Provider begins 5,000+ VM migration to the cloud with Velostrata

We can’t always namedrop our customers while their migrations are moving along smoothly, but we still like to share stories we think are relevant especially when they might be able to help other companies with similar goals or migration challenges. The customer we’ll talk about today is a huge healthcare provider in the United States, and they were looking to build a self-described “cloud migration factory” to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

May 22, 2017

FinTech-Aviv’s ‘Cloud for Banking’ Seminar

Join Velostrata’s Director of Products, Yonatan Klein, in a panel of Cloud Experts for a discussion of Cloud applications in FinTech. Get more information and register today.

May 10, 2017

Velostrata Names Jan Poczobutt Vice President of Sales, North America

Industry Sales Veteran Who Led Barracuda’s Cloud Security Business from Inception to Market leader Joins Leading Cloud Migration Company SAN MATEO, Calif.

May 25, 2017

SDXCentral: The Future of Hybrid Cloud