Azure Migration

Move your on-premises workloads into Azure within a matter of minutes.

Using Velostrata to Migrate to Azure

Everything you need to migrate into Azure is literally at your fingertips with Velostrata, an Azure Certified Partner. A few clicks will begin your migration, where you’ll see your applications start in Azure within minutes while the remaining data transfers seamlessly in the background. This means you can migrate production applications into Azure without downtime, complexity, data loss, or delay. Velostrata supports your migration end-to-end with additional built-in capabilities like non-disruptive in-cloud testing and stateful rollback to on-premises if needed.

For any company who has decided to migrate to Azure, Velostrata provides an agentless solution which accelerates and simplifies this process, letting you complete your Azure migration faster than any other product on the market.

Watch Velostrata and Azure in Action

Easily Test Your Applications in Azure Before You Migrate
Watch how Velostrata lets IT test applications directly in Microsoft Azure before an official migration with our test-clone capability. This allows IT managers to see how an application will work in the cloud within minutes and without taking the primary application offline. Dynamically change the instance type to perfectly tune your cloud architecture for any application.

Azure Migration: Moving a Large, Multi-tier App into Azure

Watch Velostrata migrate a large, multi-tier CRM application from on-premises VMware into the Microsoft Azure cloud quickly and easily. The app we migrate has over 750 Gigabytes worth of attached disk storage, but Velostrata is able to begin the workload within Azure in just over three minutes!

Azure Architecture

Simply deploy Velostrata CloudEdge instances into your Azure cloud and begin your Azure migration immediately.

Cloud Migration Tools Azure
Cloud Migration Architecture Azure
Velostrata Cloud Migration Azure process
Cloud Migration architecture Azure

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Move Any Workload from VMware to Azure in Just Five Minutes

Learn how Velostrata empowers organizations to move any workload from VMware to Azure in just five minutes, vastly accelerating their public cloud migrations.

Migrate a Multi-Tier Application into Azure

In this short video, we’ll demonstrate Velostrata migrating a large, multi-tier CRM application from on-premises VMware into the Microsoft Azure cloud quickly and easily.

Understanding Velostrata Technology and How it Works

Get a deeper understanding of how Velostrata’s patented technology enables fast, seamless cloud migration and workload mobility.