A Virtual Visit to the Velostrata VMworld Booth

By: Tom NiklAugust 30, 2016

Judging by the packed aisles during the opening reception, VMworld is shaping up to be a banner show. For those of you who didn’t make it to Las Vegas this year, (or those who couldn’t wait to see the demos again) here’s a glimpse of the Velostrata capabilities we’ve been demonstrating in our booth.

Demo: Moving a 1.5TB workload from on-premises to Azure in less than 5 minutes

In this video, we illustrate how to leverage the public cloud to address a performance bottleneck for a particular workload.

Demo: Move a CRM app to AWS (and back!)

Create a real-time hybrid cloud. Extend your data center to public cloud in minutes directly from VMware vCenter with a few mouseclicks. Velostrata modifies applications for AWS on the fly, and there are no agents required for replication. Your app runs in the cloud in minutes, and you can easily move it back on-premises.

Demo: Test Before You Migrate.

Test your applications before you migrate them. Quickly ‘Clone to Cloud’ a copy of your app to check performance and configuration, then automate cloud migration using Velostrata Runbook Automation to move multi-tier applications faster, easier and with less risk.

Demo: Orchestrating a Hybrid Cloud with Velostrata and vRealize Automation

Velostrata has always integrated with vCenter to simplify the migration and management of VMs to and from the public cloud. New capabilities also add support for vRealize Automation, so users can easily determine where they want workloads to run (with IT approval, of course!)

Demo: Velostrata SMART Cloud Migration

Is your end goal full cloud migration? See how Velostrata simplifies and speeds the process of migrating a multi-tier application to AWS. No replication agents necessary.

While these videos provide a great sense of the demos we gave, there were many, many great conversations that will help us continue to develop cloud mobility solutions to meet the growing and changing needs of our customers. We look forward to your continued feedback.

Tom Nikl
Tom Nikl
Tom has spent twelve years leading product management and product marketing at technology companies large and small who focus on virtualization and cloud technologies. He currently blogs primarily about cloud migration, with an emphasis on overcoming challenges that companies face getting to the cloud and how to solve them. Prior to enterprise, Tom received a B.S. in Computer Science from San Jose State University. Outside of work he is an unabashed fan of Disney Theme Parks and delicious junk food.