Cloud Journey Stuck on Repeat? Get Unstuck with Cloud Workload Mobility!

By: Tom NiklFebruary 2, 2017

It’s February 2nd, Groundhog Day here in the United States! Made famous by the 1993 film where Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, gets stuck repeating his Groundhog Day for what some estimate to be almost 34 years! No matter what he does during that day he wakes up 24 hours later to repeat his February 2nd again. This goes on for pretty much the whole movie, as Phil goes through the varying psychological stages of his repeating day: uncertainty, denial, depression, and finally acceptance.

Over at Velostrata, it made us wonder: does this sound like your current cloud journey? Where despite your best efforts you always end up at the same place: your on-premises datacenter? We know the feeling- we hear it all the time from our customers, and we’re proud that we’ve helped them break through the cycle and ultimately realize a dynamic hybrid cloud through our unique cloud workload mobility solution.

So, in honor of Groundhog Day, let’s work together to break you out of your seemingly never-ending on-prem datacenter, and burst you into a hybrid cloud that works best for your enterprise. If you’d like to chat with one of our cloud gurus, drop us a line. Or, feel free to check out these videos: a quick overview of what we do, and a more detailed video of us migrating a multi-tier application workload into Azure in just a few minutes.

Tom Nikl
Tom Nikl
Tom has spent twelve years leading product management and product marketing at technology companies large and small who focus on virtualization and cloud technologies. He currently blogs primarily about cloud migration, with an emphasis on overcoming challenges that companies face getting to the cloud and how to solve them. Prior to enterprise, Tom received a B.S. in Computer Science from San Jose State University. Outside of work he is an unabashed fan of Disney Theme Parks and delicious junk food.