How Velostrata Overcomes Common Challenges with SAP Migration

By: Tom NiklOctober 4, 2017

Last week we talked about how Velostrata can significantly accelerate (and simplify) your SAP migrations into the cloud. We covered the scenarios that our customers have found most useful so far. This week, we’re going to focus on another important facet of SAP migrations into the cloud: the challenges you might encounter and how Velostrata’s agentless, streaming technology makes it easy to sidestep those challenges altogether.

The problem with a lot of alternative migration solutions is that they rely on agents and data replication, all of which we’ve covered in great detail. But, these will also add some additional challenges and complexities that are unique to SAP migration projects. And, unfortunately, these unique challenges will often increase the risk of project delays, data inconsistency, transmission errors, and unreliable scheduling. This is why it’s crucial to rely on a cloud migration solution which was built for cloud migration.

Run DMO directly in the cloud

For example, many customers want reliable DMO execution (note: DMO is SAP’s own database conversion tool) during their migration – and rightfully so. But, running SAP DMO on-premises requires a complete replication of data into the cloud first, and that takes a significant amount of time, creates room for transfer errors, and complicates scheduling and testing (because of the unknown transfer completion time).

With Velostrata, however, you’ll get SAP running in the cloud within minutes, and then you can easily perform the DMO operations directly in the cloud after the data migration (which took place seamlessly in the background) has completed. This eliminates long wait times, unpredictable scheduling challenges, and potential transfer issues. All of which can end up being catastrophic to an SAP migration project.

Migrate over the WAN efficiently

Another objective many customers are looking for is a way to seamlessly migrate over the WAN. Quite often high bandwidth requirements or slow data transfers (or both) will increase the overall duration of the migration project and introduce potential transmission errors or data inconsistency issues. And, this also means cutovers will take longer because replication agents will need to perform a “final sync”, which synchronizes data changes that took place during the data transfer.

Velostrata avoids these challenges altogether by relying on our patented technologies which include built-in WAN optimization, de-duplication, compression, and cloud caching. These technologies make it easy and seamless to transfer large volumes of data over the WAN without delay or data corruption. In many cases, Velostrata’s technology is able to reduce bandwidth consumption by over 50% during cloud migration projects. That means your projects complete in half the time as they would with traditional replication technologies.

Schedule predictable, reliable maintenance windows

A third objective that customers often seek with SAP migrations is predictable scheduling. Even with simple apps, scheduling can be an issue, so it’s obviously even more nuanced with a substantial app like SAP. Unfortunately, though, many cloud migration products make it hard to properly schedule the maintenance and downtime windows, because it is hard to predict when their data replication phases will complete.

Velostrata turns this model completely upside down (for the better), because we start SAP in the cloud within minutes and let the data transfer quietly in the background while the app runs in the cloud. This makes it easy to plan maintenance windows, because the maintenance window simply begins whenever you want to start your migration! And, since you know Velostrata will have SAP started up in the cloud within minutes, you also know how long the window needs to be – just the time it takes for Velostrata to start SAP in the cloud and perform some initial validation testing. Which means in-cloud validation can take place at the very start of the cloud migration, making it easy to predict, plan, and schedule.


SAP is a crucial application for businesses across the globe, and moving these applications into the cloud can provide tremendous benefits. Unfortunately, though, cloud migration products that weren’t built for cloud migration might make SAP migrations far more complex than is necessary. That’s why relying on a cloud migration platform like Velostrata is the best way to accelerate and simplify your SAP migration into the cloud.

If you’d like more information on using Velostrata for your SAP migration, be sure to visit our website or drop us a line.

Tom Nikl
Tom Nikl

Tom has spent twelve years leading product management and product marketing at technology companies large and small who focus on virtualization and cloud technologies. He currently blogs primarily about cloud migration, with an emphasis on overcoming challenges that companies face getting to the cloud and how to solve them. Prior to enterprise, Tom received a B.S. in Computer Science from San Jose State University. Outside of work he is an unabashed fan of Disney Theme Parks and delicious junk food.