Velostrata v.2.3: Reduce Compute Cost by up to 90%, Migrate to Cloud 100x Faster Than Replication, and More

By: Michele BorovacNovember 9, 2016

At Velostrata, we talk to customers, partners, and analysts all the time. The consensus is clear: IT organizations want to take advantage of a hybrid cloud, but face too many obstacles. Whether its cost, time, risk, flexibility – it has been enough to dash plenty of IT’s cloud hopes. This is why Velostrata is committed to providing a solution that gets you to—and from—the cloud quickly, safely, and effectively.

We’re proud to release our latest version, 2.3, to continue helping IT on their journey to hybrid cloud. Here’s the scoop on some of our most important new functionality:

  • Support for Spot Instances in AWS, which can reduce cloud compute cost by up to 90%. In the past, data persistency was a big challenge with spot instances since AWS could technically terminate them at any time. This often required IT to write custom code to handle those types of scenarios. With Velostrata, you can move compute to these instances in minutes, keeping primary data on-premises, while making sure any data writes are properly synchronized with Velostrata’s multi-tier caches. When spot instances terminate, you can easily bring workloads back on-premises or deploy them in another instance – a perfect way to save money, especially for organizations interested in cloud bursting or dev/test in the cloud.
  • Clone-to-Cloud, which moves a thin copy of an on-premises workload to the cloud with just one click from vCenter. This lets you keep production applications running on-prem, while you test exactly how they will perform in the cloud. In minutes, you can test how your apps will work in AWS, then also test them in Azure, and evaluate different instance configurations to get a sense of costs. All of this takes place without any downtime or disruption of your production apps, which gives IT an unprecedented way to quickly test apps without the traditional side effects. When you’re ready to migrate, Velostrata’s streaming based migration handles that too.
  • Cross-VM Deduplication continues to optimize Velostrata’s market leading WAN optimization. Cross-VM deduplication gives IT the fastest route to the cloud by preventing the same data from getting transferred repeatedly. This empowers IT to migrate workloads from on-prem locations much faster, even when some locations have smaller uplinks.
  • Availability in AWS Marketplace makes it even easier to use Velostrata within AWS, and keeps per-use billing simple and straightforward for IT, too.
  • Velostrata Evaluation Edition is a free tier available in AWS Marketplace so that IT departments can quickly and easily pilot Velostrata and begin moving applications to and from the cloud.

There are lots of other enhancements and upgrades packed into the backend of our 2.3 release, and we’re excited to continue playing a pivotal role in helping IT organizations realize the true value of hybrid cloud. The bottom line is that hybrid cloud doesn’t have to be a pipe dream anymore – we’ll get you there without the cost, risk, delays, and headaches of the past.

If you’d like more information about our 2.3 release, please feel free to reach out to us at

Michele Borovac
Michele Borovac
With over 20 years of experience in technology marketing, Michele is well versed in all aspects of branding, customer cultivation, and market development. At Velostrata, she drives all marketing strategy, including product positioning, PR, AR, online marketing, social media, content, and demand generation. She joined Velostrata from HyTrust, where she was responsible for global Marketing for the cloud security company, which she joined through the acquisition of her previous company HighCloud Security. She was the founding marketing executive at Wanova, a market-changing alternative to desktop virtualization (acquired by VMware), and Decru, which created the storage encryption market (acquired by NetApp). Previous roles included senior marketing positions at Electronics for Imaging (EFI) and Oracle Corporation. Michele holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of California at Berkeley, and a graduate certificate in Public Relations from the University of Washington.