Accelerated Cloud Migration

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Cloud Migration

Velostrata’s agentless software delivers the accelerated migration and workload mobility that you need, without the complexity and risks of traditional replication, agent-based approaches.

  • Agentless technology
  • Test before you migrate
  • Seamless cutovers
  • Virtually no data transfer wait times or downtime
  • Change cloud instance types on-the-fly
  • Quickly rollback on-prem if needed

How we’re different

With Velostrata, there is no need to rewrite applications for cloud migration: no changes to the applications, images, or storage are needed. You begin with just a few clicks in vCenter. Velostrata software uniquely decouples compute from storage, then streams just the needed elements for a workload to boot to the cloud. Applications can be running in the cloud in minutes, while storage streams over time as applications run. Once applications are running successfully in the cloud, detach and run cloud native, or retain flexibility to move workloads back on-premises or to another cloud.


Real-time streaming means stateful workloads can migrate to the cloud in minutes (vs. days with replication tools) while data migrates in the background or stays on-prem


WAN optimizations (de-duplication, multi-tier caching, predictive algorithms) mean 10-100X faster pace of data migration


Agentless technology that automatically adapts workloads for cloud target, and integrates with existing management tools


Test before you migrate and instant rollback ensure you can properly plan and prepare, but also revert back on-premises with ease if needed

Velostrata technology cloud migration solution


server relationships & dependencies in automation runbook

Velostrata technology cloud migration solution


Test-clones for pre-migration
in-cloud testing

Quick, non-disruptive to production

Velostrata technology cloud migration solution


Operational in minutes, while data pushed in background

Once fully cached, detach to Azure native storage

Velostrata technology cloud migration solution


Continue running in cloud as-is

Rollback to on-prem

Detach from on-prem entirely

Why it Matters

Improve Business Agility

  • Migrate compute in minutes while intelligently streaming data in the background
  • Enable workload mobility across cloud regions without the need to move storage
  • Support test/dev projects on demand.

Reduce Migration Risk

  • Easily test applications for cloud performance and cost before you migrate.
  • Data stays completely synchronized with on-premises throughout migration, avoiding cutover complexities.
  • Rollback to on-premises at any time with just a few clicks

Reduce Costs


  • Eliminate data centers or co-lo contracts by migrating enterprise applications to the public cloud
  • Reduce operating expenses (OpEx) costs by simplifying and accelerating the migration process
  • Use built-in support for Amazon’s Spot Instances to reduce testing costs even further

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • During migration, target VMs automatically adapt for optimal performance
  • Leverage the same in-house management tools and processes you use today, even after migration
  • No changes to the applications, images, or storage are required

Mitigate Security, Compliance Risk

  • Gain full control over where the data resides (on-premises, in the public cloud, or some combination.)
  • Roll-back on-premises at any time, in minutes
  • Data is encrypted in motion and at rest

Build Automation into Migrations

  • Self-documenting, auditable migration plans and automated runbooks provide a blueprint for complicated apps which rely on multiple servers, resources, dependencies, and configuration details

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Overcoming the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Velostrata takes a unique approach to cloud migration, providing enterprises a faster, more scalable, less risky way to get their production workloads operational in the public cloud. In this white paper, we’ll discuss these challenges and how Velostrata uniquely solves them.

Product & Technology Datasheet

Velostrata software makes it possible for enterprises to build a dynamic, multi-vendor hybrid cloud so you can move workloads from on-premises data centers to and from public cloud in minutes. Learn more about how our patent-pending technology uniquely decouples compute from storage, giving enterprises exactly what they need to accelerate their cloud migrations or hybrid cloud initiatives.

Migrate a Multi-Tier Application into Azure

Migration of a Multi-Tier Application from VMware to AWS in 6 minutes, see how Velostrata simplifies and speeds the process of migrating a multi-tier application from a VMware data center to AWS. Up and running in minutes...No replication agents necessary.