Cloud Migration Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it—see what our customers have to say.

At Velostrata, we’re proud to supply the solution to customers across industries and continents that power their successful cloud migrations. Our platform has empowered countless customers to exceed their cloud migration goals by keeping projects on track and under budget. Read some of our favorite stories below.


guardian glass cloud migration customer success story

“I was excited to see that we were able to very quickly move servers from on-premises to AWS, without any manipulation or conversion of the VMs and with excellent performance. With Velostrata, I have the flexibility to leverage the public cloud on-demand and I’m never locked-in.”

– Chuck Wiggins, Director of Infrastructure


Santander cloud migration customer success story

During a recent discussion with key decision makers at SanDisk, we learned Tomer Mekhty, Head of Global IT Infrastructure and Operations, referred to Velostrata’s results as a “real foundation to a hybrid IT environment strategy” for a globally distributed enterprise environment.


government cloud migration customer success story

“We migrated servers to the cloud in about ten minutes. This was very quick and proves this is a fast approach, and I am absolutely convinced this is the correct approach for us moving forward”


healthcare cloud migration customer success story

“We chose Velostrata because of its speed and simplicity, and believe the system will significantly reduce the labor required to support our migration efforts, especially when compared to other tools on the market.”