Integrated Approaches to Cloud Migration Are Key to Successful Business Transformation

November 20, 2017

Companies are increasingly turning to purpose-built cloud migration platforms and proven partners to help them navigate the entire cloud migration life-cycle as survey reveals over 50% of migrations exceed budget and time projections with some failing outright.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – November 20, 2017 – Velostrata, a leader in accelerated cloud migration and mobility, today announced some additional results from the research study conducted by Dimensional Research, finding almost half of all cloud migration projects were more difficult than expected, ran over budget and past deadline. As a result, companies are increasingly seeking out ways to de-risk their cloud migration through an ecosystem of experienced partners who can help them connect the dots across the entire migration life-cycle.

The survey showed that more than 50% of companies are now relying on the expertise of technology partners during their cloud migration projects, primarily due to a lack of in-house expertise, to overcome the challenges they’r encountering. Moreover, they are explicitly seeking out partners to accelerate their projects to meet budget and deadline projections. And, the areas where customers are looking for the most assistance, according to the report, are planning and strategy, application discovery, and execution of the migration – illustrating that companies are experiencing challenges throughout the migration.

One of the early phases in any cloud migration project, application discovery, is crucial in that it helps define which on-prem applications are moving and where they’re moving to. It’s also an important component of performing accurate budget projections for cloud usage. And yet, almost half of those surveyed had to rely on a partner for their application discovery phase, showing both its importance but also the challenges customers are experiencing there.

RISC Networks is one such partner who specializes in application discovery, and who is providing customers with the expertise needed for that part of their cloud journey. “Our IT Operations Analytics Platform (ITOA) platform greatly accelerates a company’s migration by helping them identify the best opportunities for cloud savings by visualizing their entire application and workload stack. That allows them to intelligently rationalize their migration portfolio and save thousands prior to the move,“ said Jeremy Littlejohn, CEO of RISC Networks. “We export that data into the Velostrata platform, automating the migration of that landscape in the correct sequence. This is especially crucial for mission critical deployments like SAP® or Citrix®.  The seamless connection between the discovery and execution phases can save companies a substantial amount of time and money, and also help ensure a successful migration experience.”

In addition to the planning and discovery phases, over half of those surveyed indicated that execution of the migration itself was the area of focus where they most needed partner support. What makes partners so valuable here is that they’ve got the experience of hundreds of migrations to build on. They’ve got the brain trust and the cloud migration practice to truly power customer’s to success.

2nd Watch, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner many thousands of migrations is capitalizing on this trend. “Demand for our cloud migration services is continuing to accelerate year-over-year,” said Jeff Aden, Co-founder and EVP of Marketing and Strategic Business Development at 2nd Watch. Reducing the friction and time-to-cloud is a key part of unlocking cloud value for our customers. With Velostrata, we were able to shrink time-to-cloud to minutes or hours – not days or weeks, as with more traditional migration products. This resulted in projects moving much faster than before. “

Computacenter, a leading provider of global IT infrastructure services, adds “Velostrata mobilized us with a fast pilot in the cloud that proved the solution and accelerated our organizational buy-in,” said Paul Casey, CTO for Cloud, Automation & Converged systems at Computacenter UK. “Just as importantly, their speed endures across mass migrations to the cloud, which becomes critically important when you look at the thousands of workloads that need migrating in the Enterprise sector. As customers look to rapidly move workloads from their own datacenters to the main public cloud providers, It’s an invaluable boost for our customers and their cloud migration programs to have access to a single solution to support their goals.”

With 89% of those surveyed reporting they are satisfied with the expertise their partners are providing, the strategy is clearly starting to pay dividends to customers migrating to the cloud. Partners should continue to play an increasing role in customer’s cloud migrations which, as the study shows, also continues to grow, with over 96% of respondents reporting a cloud migration initiative. Yet, with over half those projects still facing significant challenges, companies will seek to avoid piecemeal tools and ‘go it alone’ in-house strategies, and instead embrace an approach comprising technology partners and purpose-built migration platforms that help them navigate the entire cloud migration life-cycle.

 About the Study

Dimensional Research conducted this study during August and September of 2017. A total of 208 IT professionals responded to the online survey representing companies of different sizes and varied industries. The complete study can be found here.

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