Velostrata Enriches Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud with Key New Features

November 8, 2016

Support for AWS Spot Instances, Agentless Clone-to-Cloud and Other New Features Simplify and Speed Public Cloud Adoption

SAN MATEO, CA (November 8, 2016)—Velostrata, the leader in cloud workload mobility, today announced key new features to its software, continuing to provide a fast, easy, low-risk solution that brings unprecedented automation, acceleration and simplicity to public cloud adoption. With this release, Velostrata adds new functionality to help organizations test applications in the cloud before they migrate, unique support for AWS Spot Instances, and WAN optimization enhancements that can result in 1000x faster migrations when compared to replication-based solutions.

“There are significant operational and monetary savings to be found by moving to the cloud, yet the challenge for IT organizations remains getting workloads into the cloud to begin with,” said Ady Degany, co-founder and chief product officer at Velostrata. “Moving workloads to the cloud has been complicated, time-consuming and risky. The impact of these challenges has led many IT teams to continue to rely solely on data centers which are on-premises, thereby sacrificing all the potential operational and capital expenditure savings the cloud offers. Velostrata is solving these challenges by putting the public cloud quickly and easily at IT’s fingertips.”

Velostrata software helps organizations move production workloads to and from the public cloud in minutes, without any manual modifications to application source code or configuration, while maintaining application performance. Velostrata 2.3 includes even more capabilities to empower a user’s hybrid cloud journey, including:

  • Leveraging AWS Spot Instances: Users can now move workloads to and from AWS Spot Instances in minutes, allowing them to cut compute costs by up to 90% over on-demand public cloud rates. Velostrata synchronizes all changes made to cloud workloads back on-premises, preserving work even if AWS recalls the instance, making it feasible to use them for development and testing of stateful workloads. This real-time data synchronization used to require special applications and/or code to deal with the short lifespan of spot instances. Velostrata solves this challenge entirely.
  • Agentless Clone-to-Cloud: With the click of a mouse in vCenter, IT can now quickly clone a copy of a production application (even when it spans multiple VMs) and boot it in the cloud in minutes, without installing agents on the source or destination VM(s). This allows IT to verify operations, test across different clouds, identify fit, prove out cost structure, and/or verify configurations, without taking their production applications offline.
  • Bandwidth Multiplier: Users can perform mass workload migrations with new WAN optimization capabilities which includes cross-VM deduplication, resulting in significantly better scalability. For example, Velostrata can migrate 200 VMs over the same bandwidth other solutions would require to move a single VM. This means IT can perform workload migrations over slower uplinks and/or complete the migration operations much faster.
  • AWS Marketplace Support: Customers can now license Velostrata as pay-per-use, directly through AWS billing, saving time and simplifying billing by customers using their native AWS dashboard.
  • Free Evaluation: Velostrata is introducing a free tier of software for use in evaluating Velostrata with AWS. IT departments can quickly see the power of its migration solution with minimal provisioning and time commitment.

Product Information and Availability

Velostrata software will be available via Amazon Marketplace beginning November 15, 2016. Register here  for a live webinar and learn how to install and use Velostrata’s free tier for evaluation, or contact us for a free trial. For more information on the company and product, please visit

Additionally, Velostrata will be onsite at AWS re:Invent, taking place November 27 – December 2 in Las Vegas, providing demos in booth #2221.

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About Velostrata

Velostrata is the cloud workload mobility company. Velostrata software makes it possible for enterprises to build a dynamic, multi-vendor hybrid cloud so IT managers can move workloads from on-premises data centers to and from the public cloud in minutes. With Velostrata, organizations can take advantage of public cloud as a true extension of their datacenter: applications include capacity on demand, accelerated dev/test and full migration. Velostrata’s patent-pending technology decouples compute from storage and lets IT managers move workloads to and between clouds without re-writing applications, modifying images, degrading application performance, or changing management processes—all at the click of a button. With Velostrata software, moving applications to and from the public cloud becomes simple, fast, cost–effective, and low risk. Velostrata is backed by Intel Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and 83 North and is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with research and development in Israel. For more information, visit