Accelerated Cloud Migration & Workload Mobility

Gets you to the public cloud with speed, scale, simplicity, and safety.


Velostrata software enables public cloud migration and workload mobility with speed, scale and simplicity. Unlike replication-based approaches, Velostrata’s agentless platform moves applications to the cloud in minutes. The software is easy to deploy and manage, and can significantly reduce the risks and labor costs associated with migration.

Unique capabilities let organizations test before they migrate without taking production applications offline. Velostrata makes it easy to schedule and automate complex, multi-tier application migrations, and provides ongoing flexibility to move workloads back on-premises or to another cloud.

velostrata product overview cloud migration solution

Above: Manage Velostrata easily through a VMware plugin or via a REST API.

Core Capabilities

Run Workloads in Cloud within Minutes

Simple, Agentless Deployment

Management via vCenter Plug-in

Test Before You Migrate

Runbook Automation

Seamless Rollback

Pioneering Technology

  • Remote boot
  • Workload Streaming
  • Multi-tier read/write cache
  • Auto adaptation
  • WAN optimization
  • Data resiliency
  • Auto-customization hooks
velostrata product overview cloud migration solution

“Velostrata quickly proved they could deliver on both performance and functionality. The flexibility to move workloads back and forth between my datacenter and the cloud in minutes while controlling where storage resides finally makes cloud a low-risk, low-cost option for us.”

Brian Pillar, IT Manager, TechSmith

“Velostrata takes something that is really complex and makes it incredibly simple. Movement of VMs between our datacenter and the cloud was simple and fast, and the user interface and the configuration process were equally simple and intuitive.”

Troy Jennings, Team Lead, Just Energy

“I was excited to see that we were able to very quickly move servers from on-premises to AWS, without any manipulation or conversion of the VMs and with excellent performance. With Velostrata, I have the flexibility to leverage the public cloud on-demand and I’m never locked-in.”

Chuck Wiggins, Director of Infrastructure, Guardian Industries

“Velostrata provides a real foundation to a hybrid IT environment for a globally distributed enterprise.”

Tomer Mekhty, Head of Global IT Infrastructure and Operations, SanDisk

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