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Cardinal Health Migrates 5,000 Servers, Saves $2.8M On Labor Costs


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Overcoming the Challenges of Cloud Migration

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Velostrata Executive Overview

Learn more about how Velostrata  helps organizations accelerate and simplify their large scale migrations of enterprise workloads to the public cloud.


Product & Technology Datasheet

Velostrata software makes it possible for enterprises to build a dynamic, multi-vendor hybrid cloud so you can move workloads from on-premises data centers to and from public cloud in minutes. Learn more about how our patent-pending technology uniquely decouples compute from storage, giving enterprises exactly what they need to accelerate their cloud migrations or hybrid cloud initiatives.

Videos & DemosArchitecture

Quick Architecture and Technology Overview

Velostrata is a revolutionary new way to migrate workloads from on-premises to the public cloud with speed, scale, simplicity, and safety. This 7-minute video walks viewers through a quick overview of the architecture, technologies, and key use cases.

DatasheetsSAP Migration

Deliver Fast, Simple SAP Migrations with Velostrata

Velostrata migrates SAP landscapes to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure in minutes, without the complex sync/cutover challenges and data consistency pitfalls that persist with agent-based replication solutions

White PapersMigration

Cloud Migration Checklist

This popular white paper provides essential tips (plus a detailed checklist) to help guide IT organizations through the five key parts of the migration process: Discovery, Planning, Testing, Migration, and Ongoing Operations

Videos & DemosCustomer Success

[Testimonial Video] How Cardinal Health Moved Hundreds of Apps, Saved Millions with Velostrata

Learn how Cardinal Health created a migration factory composed of teams, tools, and processes that streamlined the movement of hundreds of applications from on-premises to AWS using Velostrata.

Videos & DemosMigration

Integrate Cloud Migration with RISC Networks and Velostrata

Crafting your end-to-end cloud migration journey with RISC Networks and Velostrata — Watch as Zane and Tom deliver a quick demonstration of the new integration between RISC Networks and Velostrata, which delivers a powerful end-to-end, best of breed cloud migration experience.

Case StudiesCustomer Success

Department for Education Mass Migrates Critical Apps Responsible for £56B in School Payments

The Department for Education in the United Kingdom had to migrate a number of mission critical applications out of a co-located ("colo") datacenter and into the public cloud - and fast! After failed attempts with replication-based tools, they decided to switch to Velostrata, where they were able to make up for lost time and successfully migrate before their costly upcoming datacenter contract renewal.

White PapersTechnology

Think Twice About Using Agent-Based Migration Software

Despite the need for powerful cloud migration solutions, many solutions on the market today are re-purposed disaster recovery tools. These tools often involve two major architectural drawbacks- agents and replication- which result in slower, riskier migrations. This white paper explores how Velostrata avoids both agents and replication entirely to keep cloud migration projects fast, scalable, and successful.

Solution BriefsSAP Migration

How Velostrata Eliminates Major Cutover Challenges During SAP Migrations

The cutover phase of an SAP migration can be significantly complicated by the usage of block-based or file-based migration agents. The best solution to these challenges is using a migration platform that avoids them altogether. Velostrata’s agentless streaming technology delivers a simple cutover process that keeps SAP migrations to the cloud running smoothly and successfully.

Videos & DemosPartners

The Benefits of Partnering with Velostrata in 2 Quick Minutes

A quick two minute video that gives our partners a chance to talk about how we've helped them and their customers succeed with cloud migration.

Videos & DemosAzure

Easily Test Your Applications Before You Migrate

Watch how Velostrata lets IT test applications directly in Microsoft Azure before an official migration with our test-clone capability. Test-clone workloads begin running in the cloud within minutes, so IT can begin testing immediately. Dynamically change the instance type while in the cloud to perfectly tune your cloud architecture for any application. Also: watch us test in AWS, too. 

Videos & DemosAWS

Move a CRM App to AWS (and Back) in Just Minutes

View this demo to see how Velostrata creates a real-time hybrid cloud—in minutes. Extend your data center to public cloud directly from VMware vCenter with a few mouse clicks. Velostrata modifies applications for AWS on the fly, and there are no agents required for replication. Your app runs in the cloud in minutes, and you can easily move it back on-premises.

Videos & DemosAWS

Watch our Test-clone capability in AWS

Watch how Velostrata lets IT test applications directly in Microsoft Azure before an official migration with our test-clone capability. Test-clone workloads begin running in the cloud within minutes, so IT can begin testing immediately. Dynamically change the instance type while in the cloud to perfectly tune your cloud architecture for any application. Watch us test in Azure instead

Case StudiesCustomer Success

How SanDisk Consolidated Their Datacenters into the Cloud

SanDisk needed to distribute compute power across their global offices without adding on-prem hardware or additional staff. They relied on Velostrata to realize a hybrid cloud vision that provided fast, scalable cloud dev/test and capacity bursting with native-feeling performance for end users around the world.

White PapersDev/Test

How Velostrata Can Accelerate Your Production Dev/Test Cycles by Leveraging Public Cloud

Learn how Velostrata gives you a quick, easy, seamless way to create test copies of your production systems within the public cloud, thereby providing businesses with key advantages over their competitors who remain locked-in to on-premises datacenters.

Solution Briefs

How Velostrata Accelerates Cloud Migration Projects

Velostrata migrates your applications to the public cloud quickly, easily, and without the complexity and risk inherent in other migration products. Eliminate application re-writes, lengthy and unpredictable downtime, vendor lock-in, and more with Velostrata.

White Papers

Understanding Velostrata Technology and How it Works

Get a deeper understanding of how Velostrata’s patented technology enables fast, seamless cloud migration and workload mobility.

Solution BriefsAzure

Move Any Workload from VMware to Azure in Just Five Minutes

Learn how Velostrata empowers organizations to move any workload from VMware to Azure in just five minutes, vastly accelerating their public cloud migrations.

Solution BriefsCloud Bursting

Burst Your Way to Dynamic Hybrid Clouds with Velostrata

Velostrata gives IT the power they need to create dynamic hybrid clouds. Quickly move workloads from on-prem to AWS or Azure with just a few mouse clicks in vCenter, but while maintaining application performance and data state. Plus, moving back on-prem is just as easy, if ever needed.

Case StudiesCustomer Success

How Guardian Industries Used Velostrata to Leverage AWS for Dev/Test

In this case study, learn how a global manufacturing company move ERP workloads to and from AWS to speed testing and reduce on-prem infrastructure costs.

Videos & DemosAWS

Accelerated Migration of Apps and Data to AWS

See how Velostrata's unique agentless, streaming-based technology can migrate applications to AWS with ease and speed.

Solution BriefsPartners

RISC Networks and Velostrata: End-to-end Cloud Migration

This solution brief, presented by RISC Networks and Velostrata, explains the importance of both visualizing your on-premises landscape and maximizing your cloud migration strategy.

Videos & DemosPartners

Crafting your end-to-end Cloud Migration Journey with RISC Networks and Velostrata

Watch how RISC Networks and Velostrata integrate to deliver a seamless cloud migration journey that starts with discovery and assessment and ends with a successful migration into the public cloud.

PodcastsWorkload Mobility

[via Intel CitC] How Velostrata is Simplifying Cloud Workload Mobility and Migration

In this episode of Conversations in the Cloud, Velostrata joins us to discuss the value of cloud workload mobility and what Velostrata is doing to make it easier for enterprises to move their workloads to and from the cloud.

PodcastsMulti Cloud

[via CloudTP] Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: What’s the Difference?

Our CEO and Co-found, Issy Ben-Shaul, discusses the difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud during a Cloud Technology Partners (CloudTP) podcast.


[via ActualTech.IO] Why Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud are Crucial for Enterprises

In this episode of the 10 on Tech podcast, David Davis of ActualTechMedia interviews Ady Degany, CTO and co-founder of Velostrata, about the important and benefits of both cloud migration and hybrid cloud.

PodcastsWorkload Mobility

[via Intel CitC] How to Realize Full Cloud Workload Mobility

In this episode of Intel's Conversations in the Cloud we are joined by Ady Degany, Co-Founder and CTO at Velostrata, where we talks about our platform to mobilize applications in real-time across optimal cloud infrastructures, based on performance, available services, cost and other business priorities.

Videos & DemosAzure

Partner with Velostrata to Deliver Cloud Migrations with Speed, Simplicity, and Scale

Velostrata is pleased to partner with Microsoft and its ecosystem of industry-leading channel partners. In this video, you'll see Microsoft executives and Velostrata partners talk about the impact we've had on their cloud migration projects.

White PapersHow-to

How to Build a Dynamic, Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud

Building your ideal hybrid cloud architecture should include whichever public clouds offer the most attractive benefits. In this white paper, we’ll detail the most common hybrid cloud challenges, how to overcome them, and how to realize a dynamic multi-vendor cloud.

Videos & DemosMigration

Craft Your Ideal Hybrid Cloud with Velostrata

Easily create your ideal hybrid cloud by moving a workload from an on-premises data center and have it running in the public cloud (AWS) in a matter of minutes while data remains on-premises. 

Solution Briefs

Benefits of Using Velostrata for Cloud Dev/Test

Velostrata software addresses one of the primary challenges for any organization looking to move data-rich applications to the public cloud for dev/test purposes: how do you deal with the data? With Velostrata, you can quickly spin up thin copies of production applications in the public cloud in minutes without the need to replicate data. Applications run at full performance regardless of where data resides—on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

Analyst Briefs

Gartner Names Velostrata a Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing 2016

Officially named a Cool Vendor by Gartner, where Velostrata is identified as one of three companies that are innovative, impactful and intriguing.

Analyst Briefs

EMA Vendor to Watch: Velostrata

Analyst EMA helps outline Velostrata’s vision to expand the use of public cloud resources for IT production workloads, by reducing or eliminating current barriers to further cloud adoption while increasing operational efficiency and flexibility.

Analyst Briefs

ESG Lab First Look Snapshot

A quick look at the results of ESG Lab’s recent ‘First Look’ Analysis.

Analyst Briefs

ESG Lab ‘First Look’ Analyst Report on Velostrata

ESG Lab validated Velostrata’s ease of moving a workload to the cloud in minutes, leaving storage on-premises, meaning that organizations can move workloads to the cloud on demand without degrading performance or changing applications, storage, or management processes.

Videos & DemosAWS

Use Test-Clones for Fast, Easy Pre-Migration Cloud Testing and Validation

Watch how Velostrata lets IT test applications directly in Amazon Web Services before an official migration with our test-clone capability. Test-clone workloads begin running in the cloud within minutes, so IT can begin testing immediately. Dynamically change the instance type while in the cloud to perfectly tune your cloud architecture for any application. Watch us test in Azure instead