Migrating SAP into the Public Cloud

How Velostrata makes it fast, easy, and seamless to migrate or upgrade SAP deployments into the public cloud


Moving SAP into the public cloud is a common objective for companies because it gives them a way to both avoid infrastructure over-provisioning and also build out SAP environments that can easily scale to the changing needs of their business. Unfortunately, two-tier and three-tier SAP landscape migrations pose significant challenges when using migration tools that rely on agents or disaster recovery replication technologies.

That’s where Velostrata’s patent-pending workload streaming technology comes in. Velostrata migrates SAP landscapes to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure in minutes, without the complex sync/cutover challenges and data consistency pitfalls that persist with agent-based replication solutions.

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Support The Trickiest SAP Use Cases With Ease

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Cloud Testing

Easily test large SAP landscapes in the cloud without additional, expensive hardware procurement. Use Velostrata’s “test-clone” capability to create a clone of your SAP landscape that won’t interfere with your production systems. Test clones begin in the cloud within minutes, and are easily used for testing, SLA validation, sandboxes, development, training, and other short-term goals. Simply delete the test clone when you’ve completed your testing.

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Live Migration

Velostrata optimizes migration of existing SAP ECC landscapes into the cloud by minimizing downtime and complexity. Traditional migrations typically involve (1) using SAP OS/DB migration tools or SAP DMO on-premises, (2) importing that database into the cloud over a WAN using complex import / export procedures, and (3) rebuilding the SAP instances in the cloud. All of this adds significant downtime and complexity.

Instead, simplify and streamline by using Velostrata to start your SAP landscape in the cloud as-is within minutes and with minimal, predictable downtime. Our optimized process leads to a significant reduction in downtime, manual procedures (which are labor-intensive and prone to error), and overall completion time.

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Simplified Upgrade

After migrating your SAP ECC system as-is, simplify your upgrade to HANA® DB or S/4HANA® by running DMO directly in the cloud with the local cloud network’s speed and latency. This eliminates prolonged downtime, large data syncs, and transfer complexities. You’ll achieve your SAP upgrades with minimal risk and without the need to purchase expensive on-prem SAP HANA certified hardware.

Why Use Velostrata for SAP Migrations?

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Save Time

Saves significant amounts of planning and preparation hours by getting SAP from on-prem and into the cloud within minutes.

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Reduce Downtime

Avoid the need to run the SAP Database Migration Option (DMO) on-prem or over the network.

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Reduce Risk

Upgrade systems in-place within the cloud or to a fresh SAP template in the cloud.

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Cut Complexity

Avoid export/import steps entirely, thus simplifying the upgrade path and eliminating the need for temporary on-prem hardware.

“Using the Velostrata solution with SAP’s standard upgrade and migration tool can help customers reduce the downtime, complexity and completion times associated with these migrations.”

Stephan Reichart, VP of Cloud & Lifecycle Management Software Logistics at SAP

“We see a great need among enterprises for knowledgeable people to help guide cloud migration strategy, and the right tools ensure a smooth migration. Successful SAP migration requires deep understanding of the application itself and its many dependencies. Velostrata’s unique migration platform allows companies to migrate both the applications and associated data in a way that gets workloads in the cloud quickly, while avoiding risk of downtime and data loss.”

Jose Hernandez, CEO of myCloudDoor

“I was excited to see that we were able to very quickly move servers from on-premises to AWS, without any manipulation or conversion of the VMs and with excellent performance. With Velostrata, I have the flexibility to leverage the public cloud on-demand and I’m never locked-in.”

Chuck Wiggins, Director of Infrastructure, Guardian Industries

“Velostrata’s platform was engineered to migrate complex workloads like SAP from on-prem to public clouds. Our agentless, streaming-based approach incorporates key tools like our Automation Runbooks that script and automate migration of multi-tier workloads.”

Ady Degany, CTO and co-founder, Velostrata