Agentless, Streaming Cloud Migration Technology

Gets you to the public cloud with speed, scale, simplicity, and safety.


Our patent-pending technology decouples compute from storage and makes it possible to move workloads to and between clouds without re-writing applications, modifying images, degrading application performance, or changing management processes—all with just a few mouse clicks.


Velostrata software lets you move enterprise workloads to and from the cloud in minutes, while controlling and automating where storage resides. Our patent-pending technology decouples compute from storage and provides intelligent streaming, optimization, multi-tier caching, and data pre-fetching capabilities to ensure optimal performance despite the WAN latency between on-premises storage and compute in the cloud. No manual changes to the applications, images, networks, or storage are required and IT organizations can leverage the same management tools and processes they use today. With Velostrata, streaming production workloads to the cloud is as simple as a few clicks in our vCenter plug-in. Velostrata also provides a PowerShell module and APIs for simple integration with third-party management solutions, as well as extensive monitoring capabilities.

Decouple compute from storage

Velostrata’s patent-pending technology decouples compute (VMs) from storage (VMDKs) and gives you complete control to move workloads to and from the cloud as desired, with no changes to applications, images or storage.

Move workloads to and from the cloud in minutes

With a mouseclick, Velostrata shuts down the application on premises and reboots it in the public cloud in minutes, making all necessary modifications to the image on the fly. Full app performance is achievable in less than 20 minutes, as Velostrata intelligently moves only the elements needed to boot, then fetches additional data over time.

Multi-tier cache and optimized access to remote storage

Applications are fully operational in the cloud while data migrates transparently in the background.

Streaming-Based Migration

With streaming-based migration, applications are fully operational in the cloud while data migrates transparently In the background. Data changes are stored in the cloud, so you can cutover as soon as data is transferred from on-premises. However, up until you detach, you can always revert an application back on premises – a powerful safety net.

Detach cloud instance from on premises

Detach the workload from the data center and it is now fully cloud-enabled. Velostrata is faster, easier and less risky than replication-based migration.

Enterprise-ready Management

Centralized migration management using vCenter

  • vCenter web client plug-in
  • No new or duplicate management consoles
  • IT already familiar with vCenter interface
  • Begin operations with just a few clicks
  • Integrate with vCenter Alarms, Events & Tasks
  • Automate using REST APIs or PowerShell: VMware vRealize Automation, Azure OMS, HPE CSA, Ansible, etc.

Pioneering Technology

Remote Boot

  • Decouples compute from storage, and identifies key data needed for a boot in the cloud
  • Starts workloads in cloud within a matter of minutes (with minimal network transfer)

VM Streaming

  • Once a VM is assigned to the cloud, boot process starts immediately in the cloud. No waiting for a full image to be copied
  • The process enables near real-time workload mobility of VMs

Multi-Tier Read/Write caching

  • Only data needed for application to run is moved to cloud and stored
  • Cold data remains on premises until needed or migrated, whiles caching and WAN optimizations enable applications to run at full speed

Management Integration

  • Management of VMs which are moved to the cloud is done natively within vCenter – through a plug-in, or through REST APIs that enable any orchestration tool to automate the movement and management of VMs and the system
  • There is no difference between managing an on-premises VM and cloud hosted VMs (until a detach operation is performed, after a full migration is completed)


  • Velostrata does on-the-fly conversion between Hypervisors, so there is no need to modify images or perform manual adaptations like changing drivers

WAN Optimizations

  • In tandem with the cache, intelligent pre-fetching, and storage-wide deduplication make transfers lightning fast, while ensuring normal application performance

Data Resiliency

  • Velostrata virtual appliances are deployed to the cloud in a dual-node, active/active configuration which ensures data resiliency and high availability

Runbook Automation

  • Velostrata’s Runbook Automation tool scripts and automates migration of multi-tier apps, ensuring they are migrated and started in the cloud in proper order and in accordance with dependencies

Advanced Analytics and Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

  • VM- and datacenter-level performance, activity monitoring
  • Built-in graphs, status portlets and inventory views
  • Monitors workload storage IO activity, response time, and patterns
  • Helps IT evaluate storage sizing and instance type selection
  • View usage and evaluate efficiency optimizations, including WAN usage, live workload streaming, background storage migration, write change set compaction, and more.

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Product & Technology Datasheet

Velostrata software makes it possible for enterprises to build a dynamic, multi-vendor hybrid cloud so you can move workloads from on-premises data centers to and from public cloud in minutes.

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