Why Velostrata?

Migrate, Don’t Replicate

At Velostrata, we take migration literally. This means safely MOVING your workloads to the cloud without the complications, delays, and side effects of replication-based approaches. In fact, with Velostrata, the downtime for cutting over your applications (or servers) to the cloud is predictable, with most workloads taking just 30 minutes or less to start in the cloud.

And, whether you have gigabytes or exabytes of data, our ability to de-couple compute from storage allows you to achieve web-scale performance in the cloud within minutes. Your data remains fully accessible and up-to-date even while it migrates to the cloud in the background. And, for peace of mind, we give you a safety-net that lets you roll back to on-prem without delay or data loss.

Migrating, without replicating, becomes a no-brainer with Velostrata’s market-leading built-in capabilities like non-disruptive testing, minimal and predictable downtimes, no complex cutovers, automated mass migration, lightning fast time-to-cloud, zero data loss, stateful rollback, WAN optimization, and ease of use. When we say “migrate, don’t replicate” we mean it—and the benefits to you speak for themselves!

“The ‘migrate first, transform later, when it makes sense’ sentiment is growing. Customers want more immediate realization of economic benefits, … this has tilted the playing field toward the lift-and-shift approach [which] is the cheapest and easiest of migration methods. In 2017, lift-and-shift migration tools will accelerate the rate of cloud migration, given their low cost for bulk application migration.” — Forrester*

Velostrata Migration… by the Numbers

10x Acceleration

Accelerate your cloud migration project by up to 10 times

Velostrata cloud migration solution starts workloads in just ten minutes

Run apps in the cloud within minutes – not days or weeks

Velostrata cloud migration platform - 1000s of workloads at scale

Scale your migration across your entire application landscape

50% Bandwidth

Consume 50% less bandwidth over the WAN

Customers and Partners

Customer experiences

• Reduced labor required to migrate by 5 hours per server, cutting labor costs by $2.8M

• Rescued migration that was 6 months behind schedule and got it back on track within two weeks

• Migrated mission critical apps that process $56B in annual payments during a single weekend

• Eliminated 5,000 hours of cutover downtime during a multi-year mass-migration

• Tested and validated optimal instance type matrix without any downtime or disruption of live systems

Happy Customers

“Velostrata is exactly what we needed. It provides us with the speed to move fast, the agility to be flexible, and the capabilities to minimize risk and complexity. Going from 20 VMs per week to 30 VMs per day was absolutely groundbreaking.”

— Global Energy Company

“We chose Velostrata because of its speed and simplicity, and believe the system will significantly reduce the labor required to support our migration efforts, especially when compared to other tools on the market.”

— Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

“We migrated servers to the cloud in about ten minutes. This was very quick and proves this is a fast approach, and I am absolutely convinced this is the correct approach for us moving forward.”

— UK Government Agency

“I was excited to see that we were able to very quickly move servers from on-premises to AWS, without any manipulation or conversion of the VMs and with excellent performance. With Velostrata, I have the flexibility to leverage the public cloud on-demand and I’m never locked-in.”

— Global Fabricator/Supplier

Awards and More

AWS Technology Partner

microsoft azure certified partner velostrata cloud migration tool solution

velostrata award gartner cool vendor cloud migration

velostrata award best of vmware

CRN top 100 innovators cloud migration velostrata

velostrata awards EMA cloud migration

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*Source: Forrester, Predictions 2017: Customer-Obsessed Enterprises Launch Cloud’s Second Decade; Forrester, 2017 Vendor Landscape: Cloud Migration Services.