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PowerShell support for Velostrata Runbook Automation

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Connect-VelostrataAutomation This cmdlet is used to connects and login to Velostrata Runbook Automation server.
Get-VelosRunbookJob This cmdlet returns the list of all Runbook jobs in the system, or specific job when using -runId parameter
New-VelosRunbook This cmdlet generates a initial Runbook file in CSV format.
New-VelosRunbookJob This cmdlet initiate a new Runbook job
New-VelosRunbookRecommendations New-VelosRunbookRecommendations get a CSV file as an input, and returns a new CSV file prefilled with Velostrata right sizing recomendations.
Start-VelosRunbookJobReRun Start-VelosRunbookJonReRun will restart the specified job. Velostrta runbook will asses per each VM the current state vs. the desired state in the CSV and will take action accordingly to get to the desired state.
Start-VelosRunbookMonitoring Start-VelosRunbookMonitoring receives a CSV file as input to initiate Velostrata right sizing monitoring.
Stop-VelosRunbookJob This cmdlet stops a Runbook job.
Stop-VelosRunbookMonitoring Stop-VelosRunbookMonitoring receives a CSV file as input to stop Velostrata right sizing monitoring.